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The information that I have provided for this booking is true and correct. I have read the Terms and Conditions and fully understand all the information contained herein. I further acknowledge that if I, or any other guest, breach any condition, I will be held solely responsible and I/we may face immediate eviction with no monies refunded, plus costs for any damage or loss to the property, its contents and surrounds, may be deducted from the security deposit. Details for security deposit: Your pre-authorisation of $1000 will be activated 3 days prior to check in and will automatically release 7 days after check out with approval of property owner.

Mornington Peninsula Seastays Terms and Conditions

1.      Every precaution is taken to ensure our descriptions of properties are as accurate as possible.  Mornington Peninsula Seastays cannot be held liable for any temporary or permanent adjustments or alterations made to the property by its owner.  There are no refunds if the property does not meet guest expectations.  Property inspections are not possible.  Please use the property photographs and MPS staff to help you choose an appropriate property.  Please note professional property photography sometimes makes a space look larger.

2.      The accommodation booking form is to contain accurate information on number and names of guests permitted at the property.  Providing misleading information will result in forfeiture of confirmation deposit and monies paid.  Additional charges for extra guests may apply.  Tenancy is terminated if disclosure of extra people and fee payable is not made.  There is no refund of security deposit and all rental monies in such cases. 

3.      Mornington Peninsula Seastays or owners may inspect the property at any time if there are concerns regarding noise, damage or number of people staying overnight at the property exceeds numbers stated on the Accommodation Booking Form.  Day guests are welcome between 9am-5pm.  However, no more than 6 day guests are permitted at any one time. 

4.      No pets may visit or stay at the property unless written consent is given.  Pet breed must be written on booking form under guest list. Where pets are permitted, the yard must be thoroughly cleaned prior to check-out to avoid having cleaning costs deducted from security deposit ($40 per load of droppings). Pets are not permitted inside under any circumstances. (Including laundry areas.) Evidence of pets inside will result in steam cleaning for ALL carpets, drapes and soft furnishings, repairs for damage to walls, floorboards and furniture, plus the cost of flea treatments. Security deposit will be forfeited and extra charges may apply.

5.      The leader of any group making a booking must be over 25 years old and prepared to take responsibility for all guests named on his/her booking form.  The leader must ensure that all group members agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  The group leader is completely and solely responsible for the property, contents and surrounds.

6.      Unless stated, booking is BYO linen. Please bring top & bottom sheets, pillowcases, towels & tea towels.  Linen MUST be used on all beds. Failure to do so will result in additional cleaning costs.(min.$40).  Seascape, Sorrento, supplies linen for all bookings.

7.      Check out requires property to be left as found at check in eg. Yard neat and tidy, garbage removed and placed in bags before placing in wheelie bin provided.  Any rubbish that does not fit in the wheelie bin/s must be taken away.  Rubbish removal is charged at $60 per bag.  Please note, on the Mornington Peninsula the large wheelie bin is recycling only, the small is for other rubbish.  Extra cleaning costs will be deducted from the security deposit if rubbish needs to be re-sorted into correct bins.  Crockery and glasses must be clean and put away and dishwashers emptied.  BBQs must also be left clean (cleaning fee $80), as well as disposal of cigarette butts to avoid cleaning deductions.  (min. $40). Internally, any games, blankets etc. taken from cupboards must be packed back in their correct place.  Water balloons are not permitted.  Excess cleaning charges of $60 per hour will be deducted from the security deposit if cleaning takes longer than is normally allocated.  Compliance with these conditions will avoid deductions being made from security deposit.

8.      NO SMOKING is permitted inside properties.  If this request is disregarded expensive steam and dry cleaning costs (which may amount to several hundred dollars) will be taken from the security deposit. 

9.      Please respect the neighbours and keep noise to an acceptable level.  Music must not disturb neighbours.  Parties and functions are strictly prohibited.

10.   Mornington Peninsula Seastays will not be responsible for or liable for damage, injury or loss (personal or proprietary) at the accommodation.  Neither is Mornington Peninsula Seastays responsible for actions or negligence of property owners or guests.  Disputes with owners must be settled directly with owners by you, as guests.

11.   The owner of the property is indemnified by guests against all liability as a result of damage, injury or loss (personal or proprietary) suffered by anyone where such damage, injury or loss has been caused by or contributed by any actions, lack of actions or negligence of guest/s or their guest/s.

12.   Property insurance does not cover guests’ personal possessions, lost or stolen personal property or vehicles and is the responsibility of the guest.  Mornington Peninsula Seastays is not liable for such losses.  Mornington Peninsula Seastays is not liable or required to pay compensation as a result of “force majeure” (unforeseen events e.g. war, riots, terrorist activities, natural disasters, fire and similar events outside our control).

13.   If premises are left unattended, doors, windows, garages should be left securely fastened.  If necessary, management has the right to enter the property without notice and secure these items.  Any theft that occurs due to windows left open or doors left unlocked becomes the responsibility of the guest.  If the doors have deadlocks, these must be engaged when the guest leaves the premises.  Properties that have security systems available to guests must have alarm turned on when guest leaves the premises.  Security systems must be turned on and all doors and windows left secure when guests check out.

14.   Furniture should not be moved from the position it is found in or $100 will be deducted from the bond.

15.   Mornington Peninsula Seastays is not responsible for owners withdrawing properties from the rental market.  Upon such occurrence priority will be given to finding you similar accommodation in the same area or all monies will be refunded.

16.  4pm check in time applies to stays over the busy Summer period. If the house is not vacated by the time shown on the Accommodation Booking Form, the landlord has the right to claim an extra day’s rent to be deducted from the bond.

17.   Guests will be charged for any maintenance or repair call out fees if it turns out there is nothing wrong with the appliance or property.

18.   Re. bookings:

✦Booking fee of $35 applies to any bookings where total rental is less than $500.

✦50% confirmation deposit confirms your booking.  This deposit is not refundable or transferable.  Payment by credit card is suggested, if you wish to secure the property booking immediately.    

✦Following the initial deposit, the remaining balance is due 4 weeks prior to check in. 

✦The booking may be cancelled if full payment is not received by Mornington Peninsula Seastays by the due date.

✦Previous payments will not be refundable unless cancellation procedure has been followed.

✦Booking within 4 weeks of check in requires full payment within 24 hours.  Once payment is received booking is confirmed.

✦All bookings are subject to owner’s approval.  Owners and Mornington Peninsula Seastays reserve the right to refuse or revoke an accommodation booking if considered unsuitable for selected property.

19.   Cancellations are to be advised in writing giving details of reason for cancellation.  If the property is re-booked by another party, the following refunds are possible –

✦Cancellation made more than one month before arrival date:  50% refund, less $100 administration fee.

✦Cancellation made 30 days (or less) before arrival:  No refund.

✦Vacating property before end of booking is treated as a cancellation and no refund is given.

✦3rd party websites may charge their own cancellation fees that will be detailed on the property page.  Third party fees are an addition to those listed above.

20.   Security Deposit or credit card number and authorisation is held as security against any additional cleaning, damage or removal of contents.  All damages, breakages or losses to property, furnishings, contents and surrounds are the responsibility of the tenant.  They must be reported to Mornington Peninsula Seastays immediately and require replacement or payment. Any deliberate attempt to conceal property damage eg attempting to repair plaster/paint damage without reporting to MPS will result in total security deposit forfeiture. Disputes regarding damage, cleaning or rubbish will not be entered into unless reported to our office upon arrival at the premises.  A fee of $50 will be charged for any personal items left at properties requiring collection.  Goods will only be held for 7 days and if postage is required it will be at guest’s expense.

✦ If a credit card is to be used for your security deposit, then there must be available cleared funds to cover the security deposit authorisation 3 days prior to check in. Insufficient funds may result in your check-in being delayed to the following day or later, as we require time to process the pre-authorisation and organise key code setting at the property.   The amount will be pre-authorised but will not leave your account unless required.  After your stay when the funds are re-released, you will notice your available balance will become higher again.  You will not see withdrawal or deposit of funds as the process is a pre-authorisation.

✦Loss of keys attracts replacement charges for locks, new keys and call out costs.

✦Larger security deposits may apply for large groups or schoolies.  You will be notified at time of booking if this differs from the standard $1000 security deposit.

✦Security deposit is released within 7 days of check out subject to clearance by owner concerned.

✦Any deductions from the security deposit due to additional cleaning, damage, removal of contents or breach of these terms and conditions shall incur a $50 administration fee payable to Mornington Peninsula Seastays.

21.   Mornington Peninsula Seastays reserves the right to ask guests to leave if conditions are disregarded or behaviour is unruly.  If stay is terminated due to bad behaviour no refund is made and guests will be required to pay for damages or breakages.

These conditions are an agreement between the parties. The owner has the right to refuse a key, amend the booking, or immediately terminate the tenancy with no refund should any infringement of these terms and conditions take place.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and without prior notification. Current as at 1st January, 2018.